Buy For You Program

We are here to help you use a cash offer to buy your dream home. Having trouble getting an offer approved? We can help with that.

How We Help Our Clients Realize Their Dreams

Make an Offer On Your Dream Home

Find your dream home, and use our help to make a cash offer. We can even help you find a real estate agent.


We Will Buy Your New Home

We’ll purchase the home for you, and you can get moved in whenever you’re ready.

Get Moved Into Your New Home

Sell your previous home, and finalize the purchase of your new home through us.

Who Benefits Most From This Program?

  • Anyone who’s having trouble getting an offer approved due to contingencies or the type of financing they have. A cash offer is a lot stronger.

  • Anyone who’s trying to get one property sold in order to purchase a different one, whether they’re upsizing or downsizing.

  • Anyone who’s thinking about selling to an investor or home-buying company, so they can get the cash to buy their dream home.

  • Anyone who’s stressed out about the idea of showings in the house where they currently live.

  • Anyone who’s got the income to make their purchase, but can’t or doesn’t want to get financing right now.

  • Divorcing couples who want to sell their current home, when one or both of them plans to purchase a new home of their own.

You Deserve the Home of Your Dreams

If you want to buy a house, or you’re a real estate agent with a client who does, and it’s a struggle to get your offer accepted, you can make a cash offer instead.

Once your offer gets accepted we will make the purchase for you with cash, and you can move in right away. You’ll have a stress-free move, and access to your old and new homes without a deadline. You can move from one home to the next without pressure, and at your own pace.

After you’re all settled into your new home, you can sell the old one without the stress of showings while you’re still living there. Vacant homes are easier to show, so you have the opportunity to sell faster, easier, and maybe even for more money!

Get Big Benefits

  • Cash offers are more likely to be accepted than financed or contingent ones.
  • You have the chance to negotiate a lower purchase price when paying cash.
  • You can move at your own pace, with access to both homes at once.
  • You won’t have additional monthly payments for your new home.
  • Sell your previous home after it’s vacant, when it’s easy to show.
  • Get the chance to sell your previous home for more money, due to it being vacant.
  • You can often get more money than a traditional buying and selling arrangement.
  • These benefits aren’t guaranteed, but they’re definitely possible!

What Our Clients Think

"Martin was extremely pleasant to work with. Very professional, very informative, open and honest in his presentation."
- Paula D
"If you want a company that is fair honest with the highest level of integrity you found it."
- John S
"I am glad I stopped in at The Trusted Home Buyer and met Martin. Both times I met with him there was no pressure and a sense of honesty"
-Jane Doe

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