No problem! Many people have questions about the process of selling their home. That’s why we’re here to help you understand the process by answering all of your most pressing questions in our honest, transparent way. 

Here are the most common questions we’re asked, along with our answers. 

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call — Martin or one of his other team members will gladly reach out to you and answer it for you.


This is the John’s favorite question! When John Pereira moved from Puerto Rico to Florida, his family did not have the means to purchase their own home. As John grew up he vowed to have his own house one day and to help as many people as possible buy a home or get out of a potentially devastating situation. Through this business he is able to accomplish both.

When John Lee’s parents divorced when he was 10, the house he grew up in what the biggest point of contention between his mom and dad. Having that feeling stick with him is what drives him to help homeowners or heirs in the same or similar situations and make it as stress-free as possible.

Are you going to list my house on the MLS?

We are licensed agents in the state of Florida. If your home is in Florida after we purchase your home we may fix it up and rent it, or we may list it on the MLS. This of course is well after we have purchased, closed, and paid you. If you would like to see our finished house all fixed up we encourage you to stay in touch with us!

If you are in Georgia or Pennsylvania we will usually rent the house to someone who is working through some life challenges. That way you know your home went to a good cause to help someone else in a tough situation.

Is there any obligation to sell when I contact you?

Not at all! When you provide information to us, you are just letting us know about your property so we can make you a proper and fair cash offer. Once we make the offer, it is completely up to you to whether you accept it, counter it, or reject it. We understand each person we meet has a different situation and different needs, we are always open for a conversation. We only work for win-win scenarios!

John and John built this company on the principles of honesty, ethics, and respect. They are proud to maintain those standards throughout every deal and with everyone involved.

Do you buy in any other states?

Short answer is yes. We will listen to any story that contains a house in any state. While we focus on the 3 states we mentioned we do have knowledge and contacts in most states. If we do not feel that we can provide value in a certain state, we can refer you to someone else who is highly involved in that area.

Do you buy commercial properties?

Yes, John Lee grew up in the commercial real estate business and would love to hear what you have.

Are there any fees or commissions when you buy from me?

No, absolutely not. We realize we said we were licensed in Florida, but that is just to help us gain more information about the market. When we buy your property we are acting as investors, not agents. So we actually pay YOUR closing costs! The offer price we give you is the amount you will receive at closing (mortgage payoffs excluded). That way you know what you will have in your bank account to help you. There are no hidden fees, we believe in transparency throughout the sale. We will actually show you our side of the transaction so you can see how many fees we have to pay, and you pay none!

Do I have fix anything before you buy it?

You are contacting us because by now hopefully you realize we are truly here to help. With us, your house does not go on the MLS, there are no open houses, there are no agents taking clients through. We buy it, as it sits, you don’t have to fix a thing! We want to make this as easy as possible for you and anyone involved. We can even help you find a new place and help you move there!

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